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Custom Wedding Suite

As a custom stationer, I will be personally creating your invitations, and working one-on-one with you to make sure they’re exactly what you want and need.  I’m a designer and artist, so each illustration and image has been drawn, painted, or illustrated by me personally.  It’s incredibly important to me to get to know each of the couples who I work with, and to fully understand and work within their wedding aesthetic.

Below, I'll take you step by step through your wedding invitation pieces and possibilities. 


We start by deciding if you want to start from scratch with a custom invitation or if you prefer to start from one of our

semi-custom selections. 


The design fee for your custom invitation suite is set as a fixed cost and includes my time and talent in creating your overall design, Paper and Printing are not included and need to be added. 3 main revisions are included in any custom work.
Venue and Pet illustrations and also intricate artwork are not included in the custom design cost. ​


I currently offer 10 styles of semi-custom invitations. The design of the invitations are fixed but the colors and text are fully customizable to suite your needs. You are also able to mix and match within styles. With semi-custom you will get 2 main revisions. There is a reduced design fee if you pick from the options we offer.

All invitations are printed on your choice of 100% cotton, pearl or recycled paper, but we often also utilize handmade paper and most our clients choose to upgrade to double thick paper

Design fee include the following:

  • Consultation

  • Design and Digital proofing

  • 3 rounds of revisions / 2 round of revisions for semi-custom (additional revisions are $75 per round)

*Printing Fee Includes:

  • your choice of our fabulous paper options, which include 100% cotton, pearl, and recycled paper

  • Your choice of digital  or letterpress printing

  • Colored euro-flap envelopes.

Included in your design fee are:

Invitation: Design for 5 X 7 (A7) invitation and envelope, invitations will be printed on your choice of high quality paper and color with coordinating colored envelope. Includes 3 spot calligraphy for names and 1 illustration to be used on invitation such as floral wreath, simple venue drawing or border) other illustrations of complex designs will be additional.

RSVP card: Design for 3.5 X 4.875 (4Bar) response card and envelope. Card will be printed on your choice of high quality paper and color with coordinating colored envelope. Includes 1 spot calligraphy and 1 small detail to be used on reply card such as floral wreath, dloral details or border) other illustrations of complex designs will be additional.

Details card: Design for A6. Details card can include maps, directions and websites.

*Our rices are subject to 6.5% sales tax if you're within the state of Florida

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.59.44 AM.png

4 piece Invitation Suite

includes the following:


  • Printed Invitation + envelope

  • Printed Rsvp card + envelope



Envelope addressing: 

  • Return address for mailing envelope

  • Guest addressing for mailing envelope

  • Return address for rsvp envelope

Optional pieces and upgrades 

Additional Pieces

Details Cards

Map Cards

Brunch Info and Rsvp

Save the Dates



Envelope liners

Wax seal stamps


Custom stamps or vintage stamps


Velum bands or sleeves


Calligraphy for guest addressing

Double thick paper



Handmade paper

Custom cutout

example 1.jpg

Paper Options

Double Thick paper - An upgrade must. 90% of our clients choose this upgrade. Perfect for full color illustrations in flat digital printing. Pair well with letterpress and foil as well.

Handmade paper - Paper that is truly one of a kind, made from cotton and have deckled edges not torn. Can only be used with letterpress and foil. 


Top paper is regular stock paper
Middle is handmade paper
Bottom is double thick

Left double thick, middle regular stock and right handmade paper

Upgrade Printing Options

Letterpress is the oldest print form in use. Blocks of metal or polymer plates with raised type are inked and pressed onto paper to indent letters onto the front and leave the back raised for a tactile, hand-crafted appearance.

Watercolor illustrations cannot be letterpressed. We recommend flat digital printing for watercolor illustrations. 
Suites with both full color illustrations and letterpress require a two process printing process. 

Foil is very similar to letterpress, however it differs because it leaves metallic impressions on paper instead of ink. 

Foiling gives a true metallic look and you can see the shimmer as you move the paper. Foil is a great way to add a bit of glam to your invitation design! It can be done alone or with a digitally printed base.

We are able to letterpress and foil in house. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 11.36.59 AM.png


Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 11.49.19 AM.png


Enclosure inserts

There are a number of ways to utilize enclosure inserts. The most popular one is the details cards. The details or Events insert will be helpful to present your website, all weekend events, airport, block room and more. 

You might want to have several insert cards, for example, one for events, one for reception (if the reception is on a different location that the wedding ceremony), and one for a map and other details. How many inserts to have is up to your personal style and budget. 

Often times wedding-related events that are planned ahead like rehearsal dinners and brunches that only involves a select group of guest should always be noted on separate cards, and never included on the actual wedding invitation. If all guests are invited then those events can be listed on the detail/event insert. 

If you love custom art, these inserts would most likely be the perfect place to add venue 
illustrations and maps. 


Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 6.07.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 3.35.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 3.39.33 PM.png


Now it's time to take your suite to the next level. You can further personalize your suite with some of theses:

Wax seal with vellum belly band

Wax seal with vellum belly band

Natural color twine

Natural color twine

Silk Ribbon

Silk Ribbon

Custom image wax seal

Custom image wax seal

Envelope liner

Envelope liner

full vellum wrap with wax seal

full vellum wrap with wax seal

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